We cultivate six grape varietals – 14 different clones – across a variety of terrain and microclimates on the site of our flagship estate and throughout the Willamette Valley.  The highest level of fruit quality is achieved through soil health, biodiversity in the vineyard and responsible canopy management.  Diverse cover crops help stabilize the soil and replenish nutrients, benefitting the overall health of the vines.  Micro-management of the vineyard means that the grapes are fully expressive of their terroir and clonal character.  Emphasis on sustainability helps minimalize environmental impact and returns high quality, healthy fruit.

Irrigation is administered thoughtfully and sparingly, and sometimes not at all. On years when there is a need for added moisture, an advanced stress monitoring system is used to determine where to add water, and a precise amount is applied to the specific area. Since the vines get only what they need when they need it, the overall health of the vineyard has improved, making it more naturally resistant to pests and disease.

Van Duzer Vineyards is certified by LIVE (Low Input Viticulture and Enology), an Oregon organization that evaluates vineyards and wineries against a rigorous set of international standards, as well as Salmon Safe and IOBC.  We work diligently with the National Fish and Wildlife Association to help preserve the natural Oak Savanna on the east side of the property, pruning it naturally with a herd of sheep.